We share your passion for cycling and its environmental benefits.

Your Recycle Journey Starts Here

Find a Recycling Centre Near you

Looking to recycle your bicycle tyres, inner tubes, and even used bike batteries? Find a centre close to you.

How It Works

1. Find A Centre

Find your closest Velorim Centre: Our network of Velorim Centers makes it easy for you to locate the nearest one using our Find a Recycling Centre feature.

2. Drop Off

Visit your nearest Velorim Centre, with all your tyres, tubes, and Li-ion batteries you want to recycle. Check your garage, shed, or storage to ensure you don’t miss any.

3. Support The Process

Help support the recycling efforts by paying the following levies:




Inner Tube


Li-ion Battery

4. Leave with a Warm Feeling

While you’re at the Velorim Centre, take a moment to explore our shop. You might find additional tyres, tubes, or accessories you need for your bike.
After completing the recycling process and supporting sustainable practices, you can leave with a sense of accomplishment and pride.